Candles create an ambience of natural light which essentially projects a calming and cosy atmosphere to any room.

A decorative candleholder is a swift and easy way of elevating a space. Add a little extra to your table setting with a decorative candleholder - regardless of it being a relaxed night of dining in, or you’re setting the table for having dinner-guests over. Draw attention to a corner of the room with an eye-catching candleholder or crate a playful still life with various sizes and shapes.

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Chose a candleholder crafted from glass or one with a glossy surface. Simple in its shape but playful in expression, the glass and metal candleholdlers are ideal for displaying alone or in clusters in many different spaces and contexts.


Chose a sculptural candleholder that serve as miniature pieces of art. Pair them together or let them stand alone and become an eye-catching element. Available in various sizes and colours.

Wavy candleholder, medium

Arcs candleholder, small, Dark Blue

Flare Strip candleholder, Milk Green

Arcs candleholder, large, Green

W&S Soft candleholder, Soft Yellow

Flare Strip candleholder, Blue

Tube candleholder, medium, Lavender

Flare Strip candleholder, Pink

Arcs candleholder, large, Red

Tube candleholder, small, Lilac

Arcs candleholder, small, Mirror

W&S Complot candleholder, Ivory


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