Introducing The About A Chair 100 series, the newest member of the About A Chair family and a continuation of the long-term collaboration between HAY and designer
Hee Welling.

Distinguished by its heroic balance of comfort, sleek aesthetics, and versatility, the AAC 100 series retains the fundamental idea shared by its About A Chair relatives while being particularly suited to the changing landscape of our work environment.
Available in a range of styles, this chairs meets a growing need for greater comfort in the workspace, which is undergoing a visible shift from traditional desk seating to more welcoming and flexible seating solutions.

AAC 121 / AAC 123 / AAC 127 / AAC 153
We took the regular armchair and a lounge chair and merged it together. We took all the best references from both and actually combined it. So that means we have a higher back, a little more width – and of course a lot more comfort.

It looks very human. It looks inviting. It looks like it fits you.

Hee Welling

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