The design duo, kaschkasch were inspired by the bent tubing around street signs for the new Marselis lamp. With the benefit of the bent tubing, the lamp head can rotate and be adjusted for both indirect and direct light.

"We started kaschkasch in the end of 2011 - right after university. We were super naive and wanted to become designers, working for brands like HAY. This sounds super cheesy but it’s true. When we started working in the field of product design we always wanted to do something for HAY.

We moved to cologne, moved into our studio (still the same) and started working. Since then, we have been 3 times to Salone satellite (Milano) and many exhibitions all over the world including Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, Cologne, New York and many more. We started the first collaborations with some very nice brands and learned a lot every day and with every collaboration, the rest is history." // kaschkasch

Designing a lamp is totally different from a sofa for example but at the end we do have our own design philosophy which is always the same: For us the design process is discussion – function over aesthetic and the other way around. Nothing too decorative and noting to complicated (from an user point of view not production wise).  We work in a team – the two of us and the people we are working with."  // kaschkasch

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