The most essential tools for today’s kitchen curated by Mette Hay together with the Danish chef Frederik Bille Brahe. The HAY Kitchen Market launched globally at the MoMA Design Store Soho on 22 august 2017.

Following the exciting launch of the HAY Mini Market, Mette Hay was interested in exploring everyday objects further with products for the kitchen. The 2016 Milan Design Week brought Mette Hay and Frederik Bille Brahe together to create a temporary café for the HAY exhibition.

The successful collaboration resulted in Mette enlisting Frederik's help to handpick some of the most vital tools and essential pieces for the everyday kitchen.
Together, Mette and Frederik combined their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for design to create a collection based on function that is relevant for people in all stages of life.

Many products are found from around the world, like handmade glasses from Morocco, water pitchers from India, sponges from Japan and soap from France, but everything has been reconsidered or reinvented for the collection.

Inspired to create a collection where all the products work together, Mette and Frederik, selected a diverse range of textures, colours and price ranges to make it easy to select a few items or the whole range while still looking beautiful and distinct.

The collection includes everyday kitchenware like pots, pans, graters, cutting boards and peelers, as well as plates, cups, glasses and cutlery.

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